Services & Rates

I have been working with a sliding scale model for nearly a decade now. This allows me to help some pro-bono clients and nonprofits like CivicAction, as well as people who would otherwise not be able to afford my regular rates. My standard rates are USD $300 an hour for general coaching and consulting, $150 for conversations and music lessons, and overall project rates for co-creation, specific work services, and large scale projects. You can see some of my recent and current clients below.

What I love about this model is that, when someone who can afford it pays a higher rate, it means that I can give a young musician out there a free lesson or help someone through a traumatic or spiritual crisis that is preventing them from being able to work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested and I will let you know if any of these pro-bono or “pay what you can” time slots are available.


Sessions are booked through an online calendar and held through Zoom. Both single sessions and recurring sessions are available at this time. For projects with a larger scope and timeline, weekly or bi-weekly coaching, and consultation on retainer, the frequency will be decided in the introductory session.

  • Has life has thrown you a curve ball and you’d like some support getting back on track?
  • Are you stressed out or lost on how to handle a situation and in need of business coaching?
  • Have you been scaling up your business and need a little support or someone to talk to?
  • Are you looking for your spiritual path or have you recently found it and need some help stabilizing on the other side?
  • Do you or your partner have Aphantasia or ADHD and you’d like some help understanding it?

In addition, I work with a team of highly talented coaches, consultants, and other professionals on a variety of projects. If you’d like to introduce yourself and see if I or another team member can help you with your goals, please contact me.


Alex Ruiz – Visionary Artist

Civil Action – Canada Nonprofit

Bob Wilke – I Got Mind

Brian W. – RPM Fest


Session can be either unstructured and open conversations or you can suggest a topic to discuss. Either way these are some of my favorite sessions to have.

Sometimes everyone just needs someone to talk to. We don’t all have people in our immediate lives who are interested in the same things we are and sometimes that can make us feel even more isolated and alone. My conversational clients tend to be most interested in talking about spirituality, philosophy, and psychology—through the lens of their own passions, hobbies, and interests. Conversations can span many different subjects; mycology, foraging, fermentation, cooking, music, gear, self-care, current events or theories about the universe itself. I myself have a wide range of interests and friends have suggested before that I’m a polymath.

I regularly have quite a few conversations about aphantasia, adhd, and psychological self-healing, which I’ve written about before. Learning how to function well with these traits through my own self-healing has led me to many conversations around relationship advice in general, both romantic and platonic. Whether you want to learn more about healthy communication, get a second point of view on relationship event, or even discuss kink and bdsm, I’m here to talk about what interests you.

I love hearing about the many different things that this world has to offer and sharing my thoughts on them as well.


Many of my coaching clients also ask me to help them design and/or participate in their making their ideas a reality. I’ve helped people build businesses around their hobbies, consulted on digital and physical product development, designed distribution methods, analyzed data and suggested what direction to take, taken a set of rough songs and helped them get to professionally recorded studio demos, and too many other things to mention.

Some of the key components to any successful project are inspiration, motivation, organization, and accountability. These are all things I provide when someone hires me to help them get from point A to point B. The most important component though is something incredibly simple. It’s just showing up and doing the thing.

I make myself available to help you anywhere you get stuck and make sure that you end your journey knowing that you can do it yourself the next time. I like making things with people and by just having a time and place to meet up with someone, you can finish those projects you’ve always wanted to complete. Having someone onboard that can advise and teach you along the way makes all the difference.


I’ve been a musician for over 20 years. I’ve performed guitar, drums, keyboards, and vocals at countless shows. I’ve had gigs as a studio musician, toured a few times, made guest appearances on albums and on stage, recorded in studios and recorded in my own studio, done live sound, and more. Most of the business related things I’ve learned in life were so that I could make more music or art. Being a musician has always came more naturally to me than any other art form.

When I started out as a self-taught guitarist who wanted to be in a punk band, I actively resisted learning music theory or advanced technique. Power chords and down strokes all the way. As the years went on, I realized what I had been missing. Music theory is a language to explain your ideas and understand the ideas of others. I’m still learning myself but now I’m actively doing it so that I can share my knowledge with other musicians.

Through being self-taught early on and later studying theory and technique, I developed a lot of great practice methods that my students find easy to understand and have helped them level up their skills quickly. I also help people set up basic home recording systems, advising on equipment within varying budgets, teaching basic recording methods, and how to use several different software DAW’s to record and mix.

With advanced students, I teach process music with a focus on chance determination and mathematical processes, used to advance understanding and proficiency in compound, complex, mixed, additive, and fractional time signatures. In addition, I teach several progressive guitar techniques to add to your repertoire.