Author, musician, artist, coach, consultant, creator. Teaching systems based and intuitive approaches to self-design and shaping the reality around you.

If you’ve just been sitting on an idea and don’t know where to begin, have decades of experience and are ready to take things to the next level, or somewhere in between, Ben will help you find your rhythm and get to where you want to be.

Hi, I’m Benjamin. My favorite thing in this life is seeing the art you create, holding the things you make, hearing the songs you’ve composed, and talking about the things you care about. I love seeing the beautifully organic expression of higher-self through each person’s unique process of creation. I facilitate other people’s creative visions, consulting for and coaching them on effectively releasing their work into the universe.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and help a lot of super talented people in my life, from NHL players turned mental health advocates, to Simpsons and Marvel Cinematic Universe artists building their own independent brand. I’ve helped powerful spiritual leaders better understand their natural skills and network with others like them. I’ve consulted for conscious capitalists on ethical organizational development strategies and helped nonprofits like CivicAction effectively shape our future.

I had the privilege of working with Ben on a technology project in 2021, when he generously offered his consulting serves to my non-profit organization, CivicAction, pro bono. Our technology project was large, and many of my team members lacked a background in technology. Ben was endlessly patient with our questions and provided critical insights that have helped move our project forward. Not only was Ben immensely helpful on the work side of our project, but it was a delightful surprise to realize that he offered an abundance of emotional support as well. His perspective and reassurances helped my entire team feel that our project was doable, meaningful, and worth all the effort.

Joanna Rodrigues, Project Manager | CivicAction |

The more I can maximize unique and interesting experiences, the more content I am with life. That’s one reason why I love helping people achieve their goals, I get to see what you dreamed of become real. Get in touch or book a session with me to find out more.


Process art is my form of artistic expression and the content I create myself is my chance to give back, sharing my vision for the future with other like-minded individuals. It is a way for me to freely give some of the things I’ve learned and taught along the way. If you enjoy any of my personal content, your Patreon subscription helps me get the chance to be the artist that I help others be, and keep doing what I love to do. Thanks for your continued support!