Hey there, thanks for joining me! I’ve been sitting on a lot of thoughts and ideas but struggling to hit that very important button that launches this website. As with anything in life, sometimes you just gotta do it. So here I am writing my first post and ready to go live. I’m hesitant but I like to get shit done, so here we go!

My 30’s have been very disastrous, very productive and kind of wonderful so far. Major upheavals tend to spark major shifts in life. Sometimes we tell ourselves that maybe in the long run it’s all for the better. Who knows if that’s really true? What I do know is that change can suck but it doesn’t have to suck that hard.

Originally, I was going to write about each of the toughest struggles I’ve gone through since turning 30. Kind of an origin story for why I’m here with you right now. But then I realized that’s not really the point. It’s only my first post, isn’t it?

I felt compelled to share the events that led me back to writing. Why I thought it was worth my time to work on this bigger picture project. Something that up until now, I’ve been only been thinking about.

I wanted to express why it’s worth your time to read any of this. I wanted to lay it all out… I wanted to skip to the end. To the website I envisioned having in the future, not the one I was starting right now.

Sometimes we have big ideas but don’t know how to get started. Other times we just don’t want to put in the work.

We’ve all been there right, staring at a blank page? You know, metaphorically. All that potential, right there, and it’s like it’s staring back at you. Don’t you just sometimes want to skip to the part where it’s all done?

The part where you can pat yourself on the back, tell yourself that you were awesome. Fantastic job! It’s all brilliant. Look at all that work you put in. Now you can just sit back, relax and be… happy?

But the thing is, I’ve finished so many projects in my life and I’m not any happier because of it. When I’m done I just look for another project so I have something to do. I’m at my best when I have something to do.

I’m a go-getter. When I want to do something, I figure out how to do it and then I get it done. The reason I can do so many things and create so much is that I just do it. I roll up my sleeves and get started. I’m always doing something.

I’m willing to dirty up that blank page and see what happens in the process. I’m willing to make mistakes, throw them out and start again. It gets better every time because I learned something that will make it better.

People wonder, “How do you know how to do so much weird stuff? Where did you learn how to do that?” Well, it’s no secret, I tell them, “I’m just really good at Googling shit.” That and don’t worry so much, just get started and put in the work.

We’re at a really cool point in time. We can look up almost anything we want to learn in an instant. It’s all right at our fingertips.

The only reason that’s possible is because most people like to share. We share the things we’ve learned with people living in different places across the whole planet. Isn’t that insane? I’ve helped people solve problems on every continent. I’ve made connections with people all over the world.

How we share all depends on where we’re at in our personal development. Sometimes we just want to show off so we can feel important or because we are starved for attention. Maybe we feel lonely and just want to connect with someone. Or we’re trying to force change in a world that we think is wrong and unjust.

Then for some of us, when we’re excited about something, we want other people to feel the same way. It’s like being a little kid and running up to your friend with something you just discovered for the first time and saying, “look what I found!” Because you want your friend to feel the same joy you felt.

Collectively we can keep driving each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Want to learn how to fix something, gain a new skill or build whatever it is you want to build, it’s all available. If you think about it, most of the time what you find online is just a bunch of regular people who love something enough that they wanted to share it. A long time ago I realized I was one of those people.

So in my 30’s I’ve been narrowing, minimizing and focusing my life. I’ve been figuring out my real goals and what truly matters to me. I’m expanding on the things that bring me joy. I’m improving my relationships, getting healthier and reaching for something bigger.

Some of my friends have said they’ve been thinking about the same things. I’ve been helping them figure out what they really want in life. Helping them start or improve their own businesses, re-examine intimate relationships, break the monotony that’s holding them back, and regain the confidence to do the things they love.

As I’m creating my own future, I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned in hopes that it will help other people do the same. We have an absurd amount of information at our fingertips. It’s fun to learn new things but there are so many options that it’s hard to know what we should do. At some point we all need to decide what we really want and then make it happen.

There’s a time when we need to evaluate why we keep repeating the same patterns and then learn how to break them.

There are times when we need to take a step back and look at everything from another perspective. We need to see the big picture and the details at the same time. We need self-reflection and self-awareness so that we can learn what’s needed to push ourselves. So that we can become what we truly want to be and not what we think we have to be.

This is the time to stop caring about the things you shouldn’t be giving a shit about and put your all into the things that you should. In our 30’s we’re ready to take a serious look back on ourselves. We’re focusing and cleaning up our lives.

We’re making the decisions that will either keep us perpetually stuck in our 20’s or set us up for a more fulfilling future. We all know those people who never really made it out of high school or keep reliving their college years. I’m here to share what I’ve learned and be a guide to anyone who needs a little advice or just needs a little spark to get things started.

Digital Art by Mandie Savard – See more of her work on Instagram @MandieDarko

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